Hot Luck is proud to donate a portion of the festival’s proceeds to The SAFE Alliance.
Wild Onion Ranch
May 24, 2020 From 11am - 2pm

You're gonna make it to Camp Sunnyside where the 'counselors' will roll out the grandest campfire brunch ever known 'round these parts. Yesterday? It just doesn't matter. Sunday, out at the ranch, Camp Sunnyside is all about BRUNCH, everybody’s favorite, slow-and-low cooked weekend meal that was created in equal parts by carbs, coffee, late last nights, and salty cooked meats. Matty Matheson will bring “Just a Dash” of Canadian brunch realness alongside interpretations of the best breakfast/lunch mash-up dishes ever from Mei Lin, Blaine Wetzel, Jose Enrique, and more. A big thanks to Vital Farms, our ingredient partner for Camp Sunnyside, along with Whole Foods Market and Creekstone Farms.


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