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Amanda Shulman

Her Place

Amanda Shulman is the chef/owner of Her Place in Philadelphia. A Connecticut native, she made her way to Philadelphia to attend UPenn where she pursued a degree in political science and journalism, and snuck her way into kitchens under the guise of writing assignments. One of these assignments turned into a year and a half long stage at Marc Vetri's beloved Roman trattoria Amis, which led to her securing a job at Vetri after graduation. She spent 2 plus years at Vetri, then headed to Bergamo, Italy to work at Osteria della Brughiera. From Italy she landed in New York, working at both Momofuku Ko and Roman's. While in New York she re-started her college supper club, Her Place. What started as an email invite to 50 friends amassed a following of 600 strangers who unknowingly showed up to her studio apartment for a multi-course dinner. This was the main inspiration behind what is now Her Place. Post NYC she headed west to Vegas to open Vetri's eponymous spot as executive sous chef. Ten months later she made moves towards Montreal, and spent a year at Joe Beef falling head over heels for French food. She returned to Philadelphia where she "opened" Her Place, a not-restaurant dinner party restaurant --24 seats, 2 seatings a night, sometimes four days a week.

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