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Donny Sirisavath

Khao Noodle Shop

Donny is the Chef and owner of Khao Noodle Shop in East Dallas. Born and raised in Amarillo, TX, Donny grew up in a home where his mother was always cooking. Being in the kitchen with his mother is where he learned to understand and appreciate his heritage and food. He wanted to share his passion and love for Laotian food and culture. Every dish that Chef Donny prepares has a story behind it. After opening Khao Noodle Shop in December 2018, the restaurant quickly gained local and national recognition. The restaurant was recognized as Bon Appetit’s Second Best New Restaurant in America and Eater’s Top 16 Best New Restaurants in America. In addition, Chef Donny was inducted to the 2020 class of Top 10 Best New Chef by Food and Wine and was a 2020 semifinalist James Beard nominee.

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