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Fiore Tedesco

L'Oca D'Oro

Fiore Tedesco III is a Chef and mozzarella whisperer. Fiore’s fascination with food began rolling meatballs with his grandmother in her kitchen at age three. The time spent in his family’s kitchens provide as much inspiration and backdrop to his career as anything else. His path to becoming a chef has been anything but linear. After spending a decade traveling the world playing drums in punk bands, Fiore returned home intent on making food the medium of his professional life. He did this under the tutelage of Michael Anthony at Gramercy Tavern, Carlo Mirachi at Roberta’s and with Aaron Franklin at Franklin BBQ. Fiore opened L’Oca d’Oro in 2016 where he has immersed into thoughtfully crafting a daily menu celebrating the bounty of ingredients of central Texas while paying homage to his Italian American roots. In opening L’Oca d’Oro Fiore, with his partner Adam Orman made a commitment to fighting for hospitality workers’ rights and wage equality. He co-founded Good Work Austin in 2018 to provide resources and support to Austin small businesses to make a better workspace for their employees. Fiore is the proud father of Lucinda, (the Golden Goose) and baby Frances

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