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Hi, How Are You?

Howard & Anita Hsu

Sweet Auburn BBQ

Born to Chinese-American parents, Howard, Anita, and their brother Ron Hsu are third-generation restaurateurs who grew up in a family deeply involved in the restaurant industry. The three spent their teenage years in Georgia working in their parents’ restaurants, where they gained a love and appreciation for good food and cooking. 

 Anita and Howard founded their first restaurant together in 2002, Gezzo’s West Coast Burritos, in the suburbs of Henry County, GA. After months of trial and error, they took their Asian-inspired barbecue on the road in one of Atlanta’s first food trucks.
 They were grateful to be invited to plant roots at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market near downtown Atlanta, and thus, the name “Sweet Auburn Barbecue” was born. Soon after, they opened their next location, a larger, brick-and-mortar, full-service restaurant and bar in Atlanta’s buzzing Poncey-Highland neighborhood.

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