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Jules Stoddart


From the routine trips to Shipley’s doughnuts with her dad to watching the cake decorators' spectacles during grocery store trips with her mom, Jules has always had a passion for pastry. As Culinary Director and current Executive Pastry Chef for MaieB Hospitality, Stoddart connects to her southern roots where she is creating food based on childhood favorites and rich Southern traditions. Each item on her menu tells a unique story of something or someone that is special to her. In addition to her time in the kitchen, Jules values time spent educating herself and others on the history of food in the South and how they play a part in our current culture. Her kitchen is led with empathy as she continues to work towards making our industry a more equitable, sustainable and empowering place to work. Her desire to continue growing in the hospitality industry has awarded many opportunities including a 2020 Travel Scholarship through the Austin chapter of Les Dames de Escoffier, a position within the 2021 LEE Initiative's Women Culinary and Spirits Program as well as a scholarship to the 2022 FAB conference. Jules continues to work towards building a well-rounded and positive kitchen environment that not only focuses on the food she serves but the staff that helps create it. Within moments of meeting Jules you will instantly know her passion for food and the joy she has with sharing it with others.

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