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Laura Sawicki

As an Executive Pastry Chef in Austin for the last thirteen years, Laura Sawicki helped open some of Austin’s most celebrated & influential restaurants – La Condesa, Sway, Fresa’s Chicken, and Launderette. Sawicki has longtime been a key player in the ever growing Austin culinary scene, winning local and national attention. Known for her playful & whimsical style, Sawicki’s work has been lauded for her creative interpretations of classic desserts, with a delicate interplay of sweet & savory. What sets Sawicki apart is her attention to detail and commitment to layering of flavors, resulting in work that is unique, overwhelmingly authentic, deliciously familiar, and unapologetically Laura. 2022 promises to be a year full of curiosity and excitement for Sawicki, as she branches out on her own and explores different creative opportunities. We can’t wait to see what lies in store next, and we’re certainly here for it!

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