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Paula Disbrowe

Fire & Smoke Society

"Paula Disbrowe writes about the endless adventure of food and travel. Her stories have taken her to vanilla plantations in French Polynesia, single malt distilleries in Scotland, olive groves in Spain, and salmon boats in Alaska. She is currently the Chief of Flavor for Fire & Smoke Society, a company devoted to making food taste delicious. Prior to that, she spent two years as a senior editor at Southern Living, where she remains a frequent contributor. She is a contributing writer to Food & Wine, Texas Highways, and Texas Co-op Power. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Coastal Living, The Local Palate, and Delta Sky, among other national publications, and she previously served as the food editor of Restaurant Business magazine. Disbrowe has written seven cookbooks, including her latest, “Thank You For Smoking” (Ten Speed Press, 2019) and “Any Night Grilling” for Food52 (Ten Speed Press, March 2018). Prior to that, she served as writer and recipe tester for “Blue Apron Essentials,” the revolutionary and fast growing home meal delivery kit company. Her first book, “Cowgirl Cuisine,” chronicles the adventure of leaving New York City to cook on a ranch in The Texas Hill Country. She has co-written four other cookbooks, “Crescent City Cooking” with Susan Spicer, the chef at Bayona restaurant in New Orleans; The New York Times bestseller “Down Home with the Neelys” with Food Network stars Pat and Gina Neely; and “Real Cajun” with Donald Link, the acclaimed chef of Herbsaint and Cochon restaurants in New Orleans, which won the prestigious James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook. “Down South,” her second collaboration with Link, was published 2014 and won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Award for Best American Cookbook. She has also served as the General Manager of Feather Down Farm Days and launched the Europe-based farm stay concept to the U.S. market, and worked as the Cowgirl Chef at Hart & Hind Fitness Ranch. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband David Norman (partner/head baker at Easy Tiger Bake Shop and Beer Garden) and children Flannery and Wyatt."

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