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Sarah McIntosh


Chef and owner of Épicerie in Austin, Texas, Sarah McIntosh, has always been passionate about her home state of Louisiana. Whether blues, soul music, LSU football, or the rich food culture of this Cajun state, she loves it all. Raised in a food-oriented family, celebrations were often met with great food and wine. It’s where Sarah’s culinary creativity was born. Inspired by her experiences, she decided to take her passion to the next level and attend culinary school. During her ten-year tenure in kitchens, Sarah worked at Thomas Keller’s renowned Bouchon and Ad Hoc in Yountville, California, and served as the sous chef at Austin’s beloved Olivia restaurant, as well as a few other small restaurants. Eventually, she gifted Austin with her own vision of an uncomplicated café and grocery, épicerie. And, now it’s a popular neighborhood spot for those living in the Rosedale area. Sarah brings the simplicity of her beloved French-Louisiana fare together with seasonal offerings that keep her patrons pleasantly surprised. From her mouth-watering boudin to her house-made croissants, it’s practically impossible to tire of Sarah’s ever-evolving and consistently satisfying menu. Between running a successful restaurant and raising family, McIntosh still finds time to partake in throwing a crawfish boil here or there.

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