Matty Matheson X Cholula® Hot Sauce

What do you get when you bring Hot Luck, MUNCHIES, Matty Matheson and Aaron Franklin together? An all-out, gut-busting, brisket-loving feast, part of the MUNCHIES & Friends: Matty Matheson X Cholula® Hot Sauce tour. On May 23rd, they’ll be at Contigo serving a family-style dinner for 100 people. Aaron, Matty, and Contigo Executive Chef Andrew Wiseheart will be pulling the barbecue pit over to the East Austin restaurants parking lot for brisket and ranch-inspired fare. Their friends at Cholula will be on hand to bring the perfect balance of flavor and heat.

The Line-up

Aaron Franklin – Franklin Barbecue

Matty Matheson – MUNCHIES

Andrew Wiseheart – Contigo

$85 Per Ticket

Price covers food & refreshments.