The Suffers

There is a contagious and combustable energy every time the eight-piece wonder-band The Suffers steps on the scene. NPR's Bob Boilen attributes the band's allure to their "Soul, straight from horn to heart." He adds, "The band's on fire when it's in front of an audience...but the intensity of their shows are also captured in the studio." Following The Suffers' electrifying late night TV debut on Letterman in 2015, David Letterman exclaimed, "If you can't do this, get out of the business!" There is something undeniable about The Suffers, that instantly hits home with their audiences. "We make music for all people," says vocalist Kam Franklin, "At this point, we've played all over the world and one thing is certain - if the music is good, the people will enjoy it."

$22 per ticket in advance, $25 at the door.


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